About Figo

The Product

FIGO is the quickest, easiest and most versatile system for building garden structures – including fruit cages, supports for veggie bed netting, cold frames, cloches, and frames for climbing plants. Your kids will love them too, as they are perfect for building play structures like tunnels, wigwams, dens and tents!

FIGO connectors have flexible arms that can accommodate canes or poles ranging from 8mm to 16mm in diameter, ensuring maximum versatility throughout the garden. Normal bamboo poles work perfectly with FIGO. The arms can be moved to any angle, so you can build structures of any shape and orientation you like – especially on the kind of uneven or awkwardly shaped plots that completely defeat traditional garden structures. Because our connectors are so strong, yet so flexible, the frames you build will easily withstand violent knocks and high winds.

FIGO connectors are made from our own specially formulated EPDM rubber, which has outstanding heat and weather resistance. FIGOs can be used over and over again for many years and they are guaranteed for three years under normal garden conditions and use.

FIGO is fully patent protected in the UK (GB2467521) and USA (US D 666,481), and is designed protected and patent pending in the other countries we retail in.

The Story

FIGO is the creation of gardener and FIGO company director Sharon Wong. Fed up with losing veggies to garden pests, and frustrated with existing garden frame products that were too rigid, expensive and unreliable, Sharon put together a prototype FIGO connector and brought it to the acclaimed Hyphen Design agency in London. A successful product launch, radio appearances, and much positive interest from gardening blogs, magazines, and newspapers quickly followed. In 2012, FIGO Products Ltd won Business and Industry Today magazine's coveted Gardening Products Company of the Year Award.

Today, FIGO Products is still expanding into new markets (we currently retail in five countries in Europe, North America and Australia – see below), with a range of additional, complementary products on the horizon.

Our FIGO connectors have had an enthusiastic response from gardeners across the globe, who have found all kinds of uses for FIGO in the garden and beyond. Here is one review we particularly enjoyed, and you might want to check out what FIGO users are saying about the product on Amazon.co.uk 

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United Kingdom

If you're in the UK, you can buy FIGO connectors right here in our shop

Our other UK retailers include:
Harrod Horticultural 
Marshalls Seeds 
LBS Worldwide 
Longacres Garden Centre 
B & Q 
Howicks Nursery 

Also look for us on amazon.co.uk and ebay.co.uk!

Finally, UK Schools and nurseries interested in stocking FIGO for play and educational purposes should contact Cosy Direct 

Canada and USA

Lee Valley Tools  




Gardner Poetschke
Gartenbedarf Versand 

New Zealand


We are actively searching for more distributors and retailers wherever you are in the world. If you have an interest in stocking or supplying FIGO,
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