A FIGO tea-break
31 Aug 2016 10:10 - Joe Russell

How time flies when the sun is shining! Here we are in late summer - we Northern Hemisphere members of the FIGO team, at least - and over a nice cup of tea I'm already looking back at a sumptious season of gardening. We've had bumper fruit & veg crops, FIGO frame-building marathons, and, latterl [ ... ]

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Making the most of shady spaces
26 Jun 2016 17:57 - Gabbie Chant

When you only have a little patch of land – be it a garden or an allotment – you inevitably want to use as much of it as possible. In our garden, you find culinary plants in all sorts of funny places. Recently, we even planted some sweetcorn in front of our living room window, because  [ ... ]

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Creating a herb garden
31 May 2016 20:37 - Gabbie Chant

Herbs are some of my absolute favourite plants to grow. They are easy to look after, grow prolifically, and make home-cooked meals taste a thousand times more delicious. What’s not to like? When creating a herb garden, I would suggest placing it as close to the house as possible. My herb ga [ ... ]

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FIGO frames for pest protection
20 May 2016 10:57 - Gabbie Chant

I love my bantams. I do. I love the cockerel yodelling in the morning. I love collecting their tiny warm eggs from the nest box. I love watching them scratching for insects in our woodchip path. I love the way that they sprint down the garden like little dinosaurs whenever I open the back door, on [ ... ]

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Slugs and snails...
30 Apr 2016 18:56 - Gabbie Chant

As I stepped into the greenhouse this morning, I caught a snail unabashedly munching its way through my climbing bean seedlings. It was chewing the leaves right off the stems, leaving a trail of destruction in its slimy wake. It wasn’t even eating the entire leaf! Just chomping on the base o [ ... ]

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Onion sets and allotment neighbours
24 Apr 2016 21:17 - Gabbie Chant

One of the great things about keeping an allotment is having allotment-neighbours. Our allotment-neighbour, Tom, is a mine of information on vegetable gardening. He is also very generous with his plants, and regularly passes his surplus seedlings over the fence to us – always gratefully rece [ ... ]

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Harvesting your own seed
30 Mar 2016 20:19 - Gabbie Chant

Remember I said that we managed to over-winter some rocket? Well, this month it has come into flower, and it looks as though we are going to have an abundance of rocket seeds just in time for spring planting. I am chuffed about this because a) you can never have enough rocket, and b) I was about t [ ... ]

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Beans, Peas & Spinach: dreaming of summer veg!
29 Feb 2016 21:24 - Gabbie Chant

I love getting my spinach, beans and peas going in February – it feels like a promise of summer ahead! They are my absolute favourites to sow, too. No fiddly little seeds that get stuck to damp fingers – they are lovely and chunky, and so satisfying to press into the compost.  So [ ... ]

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Flowers in February
20 Feb 2016 15:16 - Gabbie Chant

Although we’ve finally experienced the first good cold snap of the season, it’s still been warm enough that some colourful surprises have bloomed early in my flowerbeds. I had completely forgotten that I’d planted these gorgeous anemones last year, so it was a real treat to wake  [ ... ]

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Companion Planting and Planning for Spring
25 Jan 2016 20:37 - Gabbie Chant

We’ve had a lot of rain this last week, leaving my allotment garden a bit of a quagmire. Whenever I go down there, I’m sure I end up taking half of the earth back to the house on my wellies! Anyway, today I decided to take the hint from the skies above, and settled down in my nice cosy [ ... ]

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