A FIGO tea-break

How time flies when the sun is shining! Here we are in late summer - we Northern Hemisphere members of the FIGO team, at least - and over a nice cup of tea I'm already looking back at a sumptious season of gardening. We've had bumper fruit & veg crops, FIGO frame-building marathons, and, latterly, some quite deliciously hot and fine weather. Glorious!

What with our bad case of gardening fever, we've not blogged in a while. But photos of our recent FIGO projects will be Instagrammed in due course. We'll also soon be welcoming back our popular regular blogger, Gabbie Chant, with new instalments of her bantam-serenaded horticultural adventures. We can't wait!

In other news, we have a brand new retailer in New Zealand, the excellent Chainmakers Ltd. You can check out FIGO on their website here. New Zealand is famous for its endemic plant diversity and incredible ornamental gardens (I recall marvelling at them on Monty Don's inspirational show, "Around the World in 80 Gardens", an absolute must-watch for any keen gardener), so I'm really excited FIGO is now available there. If you're gardening with FIGO in New Zealand, I'd love to hear from you - send me a message (that's joe@figoframes.com) and show us what you're growing!

Indeed, we really do love hearing your feedback about FIGO and the blog, wherever you are in the world. So much so that we've decided that your ideas and photos deserve a wider audience, and a reader comments section is now in the works. In the meantime, do please keep emailing us directly.

Right, back out to the patch!

Joe Russell
Author: Joe Russell

Joe is a biologist with a passion for nature, which has lead him to explore some of the world's more interesting habitats: coral reefs, rainforests, and London allotment gardens! A convert to the FIGO system ever since first playing with the prototype, Joe has become a chief FIGO evangelist. You can mail him at joe@figoframes.com


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