Changes at FIGO

Exciting times at FIGO! We've updated our website and are introducing a gardening blog to give you tips and ideas for your garden.

Website changes

If you're a returning FIGO customer, don't worry, we still have all your details. All we've done is make it easier to buy our connectors, and navigate our site. If you're an international customer, we now have a handy page showing our stockists across the globe.

Also, don't miss our new Instagram, where we'll be showcasing inspirational FIGO frames and garden photography from around the world!

Our new gardening blog

Our fantastic gardening blogger, Gabbie Chant, has been using FIGO connectors from the very beginning. With her tall and practical husband, Gabbie manages her little Somerset garden and two allotments, where she grows delicious veg all year round, tends to her bantams, and prettifies the space left between the numerous sheds. Gabbie will share her experience and advice, and hopes to spark some inspiration!

With the temperature dropping and the nights drawing in, you may be avoiding heading out in your wellies, but there's still plenty to do and plan. Check back next week for Gabbie's first post to see what you should be doing in your garden this winter.


Joe Russell
Author: Joe Russell

Joe is a biologist with a passion for nature, which has lead him to explore some of the world's more interesting habitats: coral reefs, rainforests, and London allotment gardens! A convert to the FIGO system ever since first playing with the prototype, Joe has become a chief FIGO evangelist. You can mail him at


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